Ten electronic scales with prema bag packing machinedeApproximate product




It'ssuitable for weighing and packing of granule,slice,roll or irregular shape materials such as puffed food(potato chips/rice crust).nut(walnut/pistachio),snack food(candy/melon seeds/cookies/jelly/dried plum),pet food,small hardware and plastic component ect.


1、Compact structure & stable performance-convenient to maintaining;

2、Automatic diagnostic function-clear to show the fault;

3、Weighing type material lvevl control;

4、Independent temperature controller-suitable for various packing materials;

5、Simple drive system-convenient to maintaining;

6、Frequency control;

7、Adjustable opening angle of step motor based on the characteristic of products      guarantee high speed and high accuracy weighing.


Coding machine

Open the zipper bag (applicable to zipper bag)

Second of hot sealing


Technical Parameters: